How can I add a description to an object

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Question: How can I add a description to an object. Preferably being able to shows this on top of the object, as an overlay. And that the description can be toggled to show/hide.


This background info does not add extra explanation to the question being asked, but I wanted to share when the question arose. I'm modelling something to print with FDM. I wish to print without supports if possible. On some object I have used the boolean operation on a pipe. The problem is, the printing on the top of the hole where the pipe will fit isn't printed very well. This makes the hole just a bit too tight. So I stretched the hole for the pipe very little. This you can not see easily in the model. Hence I would like to add a description on the object, stating it is adjusted for 3D FDM printing. Preferably the text shows as an overlay on the object.

enter image description here

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