Highlight all cells in a range that contain a formula in Google Sheets

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I am looking to apply conditional formatting to all the cells in my sheet and highlight cells that contain a formula. I know that I can format cells based on a custom formula, and I know that I can use the ISFORMULA() function to determine a cell contains a formula.

e.g. I can apply conditional formatting to cell B7 using the custom formula =ISFORMULA(B7).

How do I format an entire range using this formula? I do not wish to manually type this formula for every cell.

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You can use a range as a parameter for the ISFORMULA() function.

e.g. If you want to highlight all cells containing formulas in the range A1:J10, then you can use the formula =ISFORMULA(A1:J10) and apply it to the range A1:J10.

Use the formula <code>=ISFORMULA(A1:J10)</code> and apply it to the range <code>A1:J10</code>

Note that this works with normal ranges (e.g. B2:F30), but not with infinite ranges (e.g. B:F).

Ryan Kohn
Ryan Kohn
July 02, 2015 14:30 PM

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