heroes 7 - trial by fire vs heroes 7 - normal

by zozo   Last Updated September 20, 2017 08:14 AM - source

I own a copy of Heroes 7 (steam). I am 2 missions away from finishing all campaigns etc.

In game I noticed a "trial by fire" button that was blurred out because I don't own it. I thought it was a dlc so tried to find the "buy" button (the way it was in H6 with Crag Hag campaign, Shades of darkness, etc.). To my surprise... no buy button. Checked dlcs... on steam... nothing. After googleing a bit I found out is actually a stand alone game (is basically the game + expansion).

But that means that I will have no saves in Trial by Fire (and probably a different set of achievements?). So... a couple of questions (I know it should only be 1 question but some of them don't make sense on their own and for any person that has a similar question is better to have them together):

  1. Is there any way to "upgrade" my current copy of H7 to H7 Trial by Fire (searched on steam, searched on uplay, googled... can't find any info)?
  2. Can I use saves from H7 in H7 Trial by Fire (if yes how)?
  3. Are the Trial by Fire missions related in any way to the base campaigns (because if they are totally separate don't really mind if I can't use the saves)?
  4. Are the achievements separate (I see the trial by fire achievements in my h7 achievements tab but since I can't play I can't make them)?

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