Having a backup of the master key, how can I restore a database that was encrypted by master key?

by marcello miorelli   Last Updated May 19, 2019 09:06 AM - source

while setting up AlwaysOn - Availability Group on a test system, I generated all the restores from live and restored them to this new server.

then I backup all these databases to a network share to make them ready for being added to the availability group.

when then adding then to the availability group I get this message below, for a couple of them. (2 or 3 databases out of 50)

enter image description here

Bad news:

I don't have the master key for that live server - the server where the databases come from.

Good news.

I have a backup of the master key in the original live server.

enter image description here

I also have backups of certificates:

enter image description here

This question seems to be related: What do I need to restore an encrypted MSSQL database?


How can I restore those databases only having a backup of the master key in the original server?

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