and Ira Miller Code Audit. Is the code safe? is it really worth $80million?

by Jason   Last Updated April 16, 2018 08:05 AM - source

I have a really good coding challenge that will also help the developer's community. I already started it with a code audit.

Ira Miller created the code for Guld which is a “solve all” crypto platform which doesn’t really make sense at all. You can read the whitepapers in and code at

He has valued his company and code at $80mm and is selling coins to people that don't understand it. He doesn't want to get listed in an exchange for obvious reasons.

I posted the audit in his telegram chat to start a professional discussion but instead i got insulted by him and his team and got kicked out of the chat. You are welcome to join and read the chat.

I need your help to make unbiased criticism to his code. I think is the right thing to do, specially when there are devs that work really hard to progress this industry in a ethical way.

Thank you very much all, please share with others. His code is a riddle and i’m sure you will have fun solving it.

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