Graph API Response: Could not find a property named 'telephoneNumber' on type 'Microsoft.OutlookServices.Contact'

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I'm receiving the response "Could not find a property named 'telephoneNumber' on type 'Microsoft.OutlookServices.Contact'" from my API call.

I've tried other fields that work just fine such as jobTitle, in this list:

My API call uses a bearer token and is in the following format:{{MY CONTACT ID}}/contactFolders/{{ FOLDER ID HERE}}/contacts?$select=displayName,fileAs,emailAddresses,businessPhones,mobilePhone,homePhones,department,telephoneNumber&top=999

I would expect for telephoneNumber to be part of the response, but I get an error instead.

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The API that you are calling is Microsoft Graph API(, the link you provided is the Contact Entity in Azure AD Graph API( The two APIs are different, in your case, you need to check contact resource type in Microsoft Graph, obviously, there is no telephoneNumber property.

Joy Wang
Joy Wang
October 16, 2019 01:25 AM

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