Google Sheets Replace Value

by Fablezim   Last Updated February 16, 2018 16:03 PM

I am still learning the more advanced functionality of excel/google sheets and am stuck on this one. Is there a way to have the value of a cell change based on a formula placed elsewhere? For example, if I input "25" into A1, but in another cell somewhere there is a formula (or perhaps a script) that says "=A1*2", could I have that new value REPLACE what I just typed into cell A1? I know it is very easy to do this in another cell, but replacing the value in this case is what I am looking to do. I imagine this would probably have to be a script since anything I type into A1 would overwrite a formula placed there, unless there is something other thing I am unaware of that lets me assign a formula to a specific cell without filling that cell with the formula. I hope I am being clear enough.

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