Google Sheets: Conditional Formula using two string values to generate an integer?

by EnemySTAND   Last Updated July 18, 2018 18:03 PM

I have a sheet consisting of information on items. These items have string qualities (Located on columns C & D) that affect a numerical value (Located on Column E). How do I use the IF Formula to generate an expected number derived from what is in the C & D cells of the corresponding row?

Right now I have the following:

=IF(C3="Pistol";+2; IF(C3="SMG";+1; IF(C3="Shotgun";+2; IF(C3="Assault rifle";+2; IF(C3="Sniper rifle"; +3; IF(C3="Rocket launcher"; +4; IF(C3="Laser";+4; IF(D3="Tediore";-1; IF(D3="Torgue";+2; IF(D3="Chrono";-2))))))))))

On this graphic, note that the "Pistol" attribute should add 2 to the Rolled value, and the "Tediore" value should subtract 1, but it doesn't

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