Gnome 3 settings fail to apply on Ubuntu 17.04

by vaerek   Last Updated May 17, 2017 18:02 PM - source

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 17.04 on a Razer Blade (2016). After installation I installed nvidia-375, nvidia-prime, gnome-shell, and ubuntu-gnome-desktop. This is otherwise a pristine install.

My touchpad doesn't work, but otherwise the system runs fine. However, I have two "settings" apps, one that corresponds to ubuntu-system-settings, and one that corresponds to gnome-control-center. The gnome-control-center settings app looks like the default ubuntu settings app, but its contents have changed somewhat.

The ubuntu-system-settings app is the only one that contains options to modify the app launcher on the desktop. However, none of the changes I make to the settings in ubuntu-system-settings app every take effect.

What should I do to A) configure my system so that there is one settings panel (if that is the right thing to do), and more importantly B) grant myself the ability to modify settings for things like the app launcher?

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