Generate GCP table from Geo-referenced raster in QGIS

by Abdullah Nagy   Last Updated July 11, 2019 22:22 PM - source

I've Geo-referenced raster, Is there is any way to extract it's GCP table in QGIS ?

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In the Georeferencer tool, there's a button to save the ground control points.

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Even if you didn't save the GCP points while the Georeferencer was open, they should be saved "in a separate text file ([filename].points) usually together with the raster image." (source: QGIS Manual)

Eg, I recently georeferenced a raster, and saved it as "Roadmap_modified.tif". Even though I didn't save the GCP points, there's a file called "Roadmap_modified.tif.points" in the same file as the georeferenced raster.

July 11, 2019 22:06 PM

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