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A kitchen oven has an interior volume V of 0.12 cubic meter. The initial pressure Po inside the oven equals the outside pressure of 1000 mbar. The air in the oven is then heated from an initial temperature To of 70 degree Fahrenheit to a baking temperature of Ti of 425 degree Fahrenheit. a) if the oven were perfectly sealed so that no air escaped, what would the pressure be inside the oven when it reached its final temperature.b) If the door has an area of 0.2 sq meters, what would the net force acting on the door be if someone opened it without relieving the pressure first? c) If the oven is not sealed (normal case), air will leak out as the air expands from heating, so that the inside pressure always equals the outside pressure. Assuming that the air leakage is one-way (no outside air enters the oven), what fraction of the original mass of air in the oven is lost due to expansion?

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