G-Mail logging me out unexpectedly

by Clayton   Last Updated October 19, 2019 16:03 PM - source

Problem: When I sign into two G-Mail accounts while using Chrome and then close the window, I'm logged out of both G-Mail accounts. Is there a way to prevent the forceful logout?

For the things I've tried and any relevant information I can think of...

  • I use a company laptop
  • I know it's specific to Chrome because I can use Firefox under the same conditions and am not logged out (so it isn't a company/institution policy).
  • I remain logged in when I sign into only one of the two accounts and proceed to close the window (it doesn't matter which account; I tested both and remained logged in)
  • A quick search on Google yielded some simple tricks about adjusting settings for cookies within Chrome, but these didn't make any difference
  • The issue started semi-recently, maybe a month ago; prior to this, Chrome kept me logged in

Is there anything I can do to the settings (or otherwise) to correct the behavior?

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