Frigidaire FEX831FS4 washer dripping water after fixing agitator. How to find and fix leak?

by Hans Solo   Last Updated June 10, 2019 22:21 PM - source

The washer was not leaking any water before I fixed the agitator. Now agitator works fine, but some water drips on top of transmission.

So I am backtracking the work I did to understand what is causing the water leak. Here is what I remember:

  1. Since washer was rusty, I was not able to separate the washer outer tub from the transmissions's shaft on which the agitator goes on. So I gave up and took upper half of transmission with the outer tub to a welder to fix it. See picture to understand how far I was able to disassemble washer:

enter image description here

  1. I also partially pulled off the drive block (or maybe even whole inner shaft with drive block) and was not quite able to get it back to the original position. See this picture:

enter image description here

Here is a diagram of my FEX831FS4 washing machine:

enter image description here

The questions I have are:

  1. Since I did not separate transmission from outer tub, then is it likely that part #16 (the tub seal) is actually fine? Perhaps I pried something a little too deep with screwdriver? Could it be that all the gunk collected these years was preventing the leak from happening? Maybe I can just refill it with gasket maker in place where I pried with screwdriver?

  2. Is it possible that the water comes down through the agitator shaft through the gap that I introduced by forcing up the drive block?

  3. Just wondering, would something like ATP-205 rejuvenate seals if they were damaged? That liquid kinda work for gaskets in car. Though toxicity and getting dirty clothes because of that fluid is another concern why I would prefer to double check with folks that have experience fixing appliances.

This is old washer and I want to extend its life a little bit before getting a new one on Black Friday sale.

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