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Hi I am trying to force text to the top of a minipage, but nothing seems to be working. I am still new to Latex do I dont know much. I am using overleaf to edit the file I put two minipages side by side, the right side is what I expect, but the left side is keeping everything in the center of the minipage. this is what the text looks like (I want B862a to go to the top of the page, next to ferrando) enter image description here

the code that is supposed to generate this part is this:


    \vspace*{\fill}                 % Posição vertical
    %\hrule                         % Linha horizontal
        Ficha catalográfica elaborada automaticamente com os dados fornecidos \\
        pelo(a) autor(a) através do Módulo de Biblioteca do \\
        Sistema GURI (Gestão Unificada de Recursos Institucionais) .

\vspace{-15 mm}
\begin{center}                  % Minipage Centralizado
\begin{minipage}[c]{10cm}       % Largura



\begin{center}                  % Minipage Centralizado
\begin{minipage}[T!]{12.5cm}        % Largura



\hspace{12pt} \imprimirtitulo  / \imprimirautor. --
\imprimirlocal, \imprimirdata-
\hspace{0.5cm} \pageref{LastPage} p. : il. (algumas color.) ; 30 cm.\\

\hspace{0.5cm}\parbox[t]{\textwidth}{\imprimirtipotrabalho~- -~ \\ \imprimirinstituicao, \MakeUppercase\ImprimirCurso, \\

    %   1. \PCT



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