For a mod user was rude, unnecessarily. I objected but now my post is gone. Why is my initial question under peer review for edits?

by HangryLady   Last Updated October 17, 2019 10:17 AM - source

I tried to put this in meta, but the site won't let me ask a question there. I was NOT permitted to add a comment to any post accept mine. And NOW The the site won't even let me change my post without it being peer reviewed. I was able to change it earlier. I know this because there was a typo and I changed that. Why???

If a user is not a allowed to add comments, it is not helpful to come tell them you should put your reply in comments. Especially if you aren’t going to answer the original question.

Jumping on a new user is like cyber bullying, and is not “nice”. Which you claim is the rule. New users can ask question and add answers. If you don’t want new members, then you should close membership.

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