Flavor profile of Cheesecake Factory's Pork Belly Sliders

by Matthew   Last Updated June 29, 2020 21:17 PM - source

I'm trying to recreate the pork belly sliders that Cheesecake Factory used to have? Does anyone know of either a (free) copycat recipe, or at least remember roughly what was in them? (I mean in terms of specific flavors, not just "bread, fried pickles, coleslaw, pork belly".)

The problem is... I only had them once, and don't remember them that well. While a recipe would be great, what I'm really looking for is information on the flavor profile. In particular, I'm looking for two key pieces of information:

  • Was the coleslaw of a vinegar or mayonnaise variety? (Was there anything special about it? But I don't think there was...)
  • What was the dominant flavor profile of the barbecue sauce? (Sweet? Mustard? Vinegar? Something else?) Were there any noteworthy supporting flavors? (Maple, citrus, pepper, etc.?)

Does anyone know or remember what flavors I should be using to recreate this dish?

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