File formats for stereoscopic 3D images

by Mihail Hurmuzov   Last Updated July 10, 2019 17:18 PM - source

Years ago I got into cross-eyed 3D photos and I've made a good few of them. Not many people are willing to spend the few days and eye strain to learn the viewing method, though. With Google Cardboard and other VR viewers becoming more mainstream, is there a consistent and easy way to create stereoscopic images for VR viewers from a stereoscopic pair?

I read that GC uses a .jpg approach, where they store the right-eye input inside the metadata for backwards compatibility, but I could only find some dodgy-looking apps for making those. And facebook's algorithm for 3D photos takes a single 2D photo as input. Do lay-people make 3D photos for VR and, if so, how?

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