FFMPEG add chapters entierly through CLI

by Underscore   Last Updated September 22, 2019 04:01 AM - source

I've recently gotten into using ffmpeg and was wondering if there was a way of adding chapter markers entirely through the command line interface? I have had success with first writing out a metadata text file, then manually editing it and then splicing it together with the original video file into a new file. This is a little bit of a drag though and it would be much more preferable if it could be done entirely through some extra flag or through a single command. Something like: ffmpeg -i videoname.mp4 -add_chptr START=00:00:00.000 title:"video title"

Does anyone know if something like this exists? I could not find something about it in the help page but the documentation seems to be almost endless to me.

Thanks for the read!

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