Failed Mojave upgrade, OSX Base System now the only partition

by Alex Bridger   Last Updated November 09, 2018 01:12 AM - source

A friend of mine tried upgrading her OSX (not sure exactly what version, probably 10.12.6 or 10.13.6) to Mojave. From what she's explained, it stopped half way, rebooted and failed to go any further.

Now when it boots it goes straight to OSX Utilities, only shows a single partition (OSX Base System), and obviously I can't continue with the install or anything.

This wouldn't normally be a problem except there is data on the drive. I know its all there as I've taken the drive out, and scanned it using R-Studio, and can find 90gb of pictures for example.

I've attached a picture of what's currently showing on the drive at root level.enter image description here

Is there a way to force it either back to it's original state or push it forward through the update?

Tags : mojave

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