Extracting specific points from parameter sweep

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Simulation Setup

I'm trying to extract some specific data points from an S-Parameter simulation with a Parameter Sweep in ADS.

I have a simple resonant circuit: circuit diagram

For this simulation I have the capacitance of one of the capacitors varying with a parameter sweep. Upon running this simulation, I generate a few plots: simulation output plots

The first is simply the reflection for each of the capacitance values I simulated. For the second, I extracted the minimum of each of the previous curves using the equation min(dB(S(1,1))).


I also want to find the resonant frequency for each capacitance. I have tried a number of equations that generally look something like freq[min_index(mag(S(1,1)))] and ADS reports all of them as invalid. How do I extract the frequencies that I'm looking for?

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