Extracting specific phrases from a cell and echoing them in another

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Longtime learner, first time poster here!

I was wondering if anyone knew how to extract specific data points (phrases) from a Google Sheets cell and echo in another cell.

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For instance, In my example I have Vehicle year/make/model/trim etc. all in my "B" column. I would like to be able to extract for instance the trim into it's own column. So for instance I would need the formula to search for "XL", "XLT", and "STX" and if one of those was found, then echo that exact phrase out in another cell.

I would and can post a few things I have tried, but I honestly haven't gotten very close yet. Mostly ended up echoing out the complete cell value or #NA

Also please note that the format for the original cell might change so an ideal solution would not rely on the information being sandwiched between two "known variables" and instead simply search for specific variables and echo those when found :)

Any help would be much appreciated!

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