Exposure compensation in “manual” mode and auto ISO?

by the_meter413   Last Updated April 15, 2018 19:18 PM - source

Canon 7D Mk II: Is there a way to adjust exposure compensation when I’m using auto iso in “manual” mode? In other words, I’m not using “full manual,” but rather what might be considered “iso priority.” I want to set my shutter speed, set my aperture, and then have the camera vary the iso based on the amount of compensated exposure I choose.

I’ve been digging through the custom settings, and I’m coming up short. I can switch into Av or Tv, adjust exposure compensation, then switch back to manual-with-auto-iso, and the bottom exposure meter will indicate compensation. However, the right side exposure meter (the one we use for manual mode) indicates no exposure compensation. Capturing an image reveals that there’s no compensation being applied (as indicated by the histogram).

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