Exclude IP addresses of Vulnerability Scanner

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I am working with the SQL team to see if there is a way to globally whitelist IP addresses that are causing alerts within sp_Blitz? Would like to have them exclude 5 IP addresses.

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sp_Blitz doesn't have parameters to skip IP addresses since SQL Server doesn't store IP addresses for most of the activities.

However, you can skip specific checks altogether if you want. To do that, create a table like this:

CREATE TABLE dbo.SkipChecks (ServerName NVARCHAR(128), DatabaseName NVARCHAR(128), CheckID INT);

Then, you can add rows in there for the checks you want to skip. In the far right column of sp_Blitz's output, the CheckID is listed. (For a comprehensive list of checks and IDs, see the documentation.)

  • ServerName = ‘MyServer, DatabaseName = NULL, CheckId = NULL – will not check anything on servername MyServer
  • ServerName = NULL, DatabaseName = ‘MyDB’, CheckId = NULL – will not check MyDB on any server
  • ServerName = ‘MyServer’, DatabaseName = ‘MyDB’, CheckId = NULL – will not check MyDB on MyServer
  • ServerName = NULL, DatabaseName = NULL, CheckId = 5 – will skip CheckId 5 on all databases
  • ServerName = NULL, DatabaseName = ‘MyDB’, CheckId = 5 – will skip CheckId 5 on MyDB
Brent Ozar
Brent Ozar
October 09, 2019 21:03 PM

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