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Hope you can help.

I need some software to help sell photos at our Christmas Grotto.

My setup is: 5x Canon d600 connected to pc running digicam control. Barcode of customer scanned and the picture is stored on a central Server with the barcode, camera name and time stamp as file name. One set of images is adjusted using Darkroom Core through Chroma key to produce 6 images of the customer with different backgrounds. The central Server is also connected to 3 Mitsubishi CP-D70DW printers with printer spooling.

I want two or more selling stations that customers (with the help of a member of staff) can scan there barcode, retrieve their photos and then purchase the photos they want.

I've been thinking of using Darkroom Core for selling as well as manipulation but I'm not fully happy with it. Any ideas? Thank you

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