Ethereum without Gas Fees for Transactions

by Krunal Soni   Last Updated August 14, 2018 06:28 AM - source

We have been working on Launching One of the most stable coin on Ethereum Network. And as part of strategy we want to get rid of Transaction fees for every coin transfer between wallets. With Ethereum we can control, make it 0, but then it would lead to dilemma of no transaction validation on Ethereum Network. We are looking doing some research and seeking help from experts in the community.

To have all features of Ethereum Blockchain, shall we customise Ethereum Blockchain Code and launch our public network with no GAS and Miners? Like Quorum did for Private Permission Network. Or any other way we can achieve this? Just to make sure, our system will have some complex Smart Contracts so we cannot choose network like Stellar or similar.

Any hint with some guidance will be appreciated.

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