etckeeper: clone /etc repo without root permission

by klor   Last Updated July 18, 2019 15:01 PM - source

I have a Debian 10 server. The etckeeper software is installed, so after executing

etckeeper init && etckeeper commmit "Initial commit"

the /etc in now a git repo.

I need to clone ssh://[email protected]/etc/ to my local computer, but I get the following error:

fatal: '/etc/' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

It is likely a permission problem, so cloning with root user would work. But how to clone it without allowing SSH server to login as root, just by using a git user?


Answers 1

I think is a permissions issue, then if you want other user to be able to access to the /etc folder, you can try to add this user to the root group or modify the permissions of the folder with the command chown -R :user /etc the flag -R means recursive.

Hope this works for you, if not we can try other things.



July 18, 2019 14:45 PM

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