Error in Italian localization for datepicker:

by Francesco Marchetti-Stasi   Last Updated September 14, 2018 16:07 PM - source

Well, this is very funny :)

I have a datepicker localized in Italian. It works correctly, except for one small glitch:

screenshot from datepicker, illustrating the error in translation

Apparently, the abbreviation for Wednesday, was translated as a word, since "noi" is the Italian translation for the pronoun "we"...

The abbreviation for Wednesday is correctly set in core/assets/vendor/jquery.ui/ui/i18n/datepicker-it.js, but this file is not inserted in the HTML, so I suppose the translation is taken somewhere else.

In my libraries dependencies I have

  - core/jquery
  - core/jquery.once
  - core/jquery.ui.datepicker
  - core/drupal.locale.datepicker

and without the last line the datepicker is in English.

Am I doing something wrong?...

Tags : 8 i18n-l10n

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