Dynamic page loading frpm php and search engines

by Parakmi I   Last Updated August 11, 2019 18:04 PM - source

My web site includes many topics and has multiple depth level menus with multiple pages attached to each menu. To keep track of everything every link is sent to an index.php It has 2 get arguments from which the code determines the correct file to load.

The index.php includes the correct file using those 2 get arguments.

The links of the menu look something like this:

    <a filename='diktia/history/history.php' href='index.php?menuId=diktia&itemId=diktiaItem0'>Ιστορία</a>


I wonder how this will affect the search engines and consequently the appearance of my site on the search results since they will not be able to go the the actual pages when they follow the links. Should i try a different approach using actual links?

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