Drupal 8: how to collapse and expand menu items in navigation bar, with bartic?

by Germano Carella   Last Updated January 12, 2018 21:07 PM

I installed a drupal 8 web site on my machine, and I'm trying to use it with my screen reader. I noticed that it is possible to create menu with more submenu items and display it with bartic theme. Now, when I set menu parent url, I need to insert something in edit box, so I insert #menu-title, where menu-title is title of my menu. This results in a link on the same page, 'cause #menu-title in in the href attribute, but I not found any way to create a link with a none url. When I set visibility level on primary menu block, I can read the menu-bar entirely, with all items and subitems visible. So, it is very difficult to read with a screen reader, if there are may many subitems. It seems to be not possible to collapse, or set menu-parent as collapsed and activate it by pressing enter on menu parent. I tried superfish menu, but the result is the same as bartic classic menu: the items are all visible with screen reader. Someone has any idea on how to create a dropdown menu with menu items collapsed?

Tags : navigation

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