Drupal 7, Ubercart, Sage Pay and SCA

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Not being a developer but looking for some assistance. We successully use Ubercart with the Sage Pay module and have done for a few years. I now understand in a few months the new legislation forcing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA (Part of the PSD legislation)) comes into force. As such our setup is no longer going to be suitable and I am curious as to our options.

We could consider another payment provider but think there isn't enough time for that.

We could consider forcing all of our payments through Form Integration rather than Direct integration but this isn't ideal as it is less professional and less flexible.

Finally we could develop a custom module to enable SCA with our existing Ubercart deployment.

I am not a developer and would like to hear if anyone has other options I can't think of.

Drupal 7 btw.

Thanks, Brian

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