Doubt about usability test using paper mockups (Is necessary to inform the user the info he should introduce in each field?)

by Jake W   Last Updated May 19, 2018 16:16 PM - source

In a usability test using paper mockups for example in blog system where users can insert posts, edit posts, insert admins, edit admins, etc. If we have some use cases for the usablity tests like:

  • create post
  • edit post
  • etc

We should write a context for the task and give the that text context to the user before the task but we should also besides write a context write the info that the user should write in the input fields? For example in a task where the user needs to create a post, we should write, should say to the user the title that he should type in the title field, the category he should select, and all the other necessary info that he needs to introduce? Because if each user that does the test write different things in the fields the time wil lbe different. Or is not necessary the user to type any info in the usability test?

The goal of this paper usability test is to verify if the user achieved the proposed goal of the task, also the number of actions he had to take to get achieve the task goal, and the time he took to accomplish the task.

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