dot2text, Lyx, and Windows: Getting it to Output

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Referring back to this question How to use dot2texi in Lyx, I can get the following to work on Linux Mint 19.1 but there is no output or errors on Windows 10:

\begin{dot2tex}[dot,tikz,options=-tmath] digraph G {
a_1 [texlbl="$\frac{\gamma}{2x^2+y^3}$"];
a_1 -> a_2 -> a_3 -> a_1
node [texmode="math"];
a_1 -> b_1 -> b_2 -> a_3;
b_1 [label="\\frac{\\gamma}{x^2}"];
node [texmode="verbatim"]
b_4 [label="beta"]
a_3 -> b_4 -> a_1; } \end{dot2tex}

I have gone through all the Lyx document and program settings on the Mint and Windows machines and made them as close to being the same as I can, but still no luck. Any suggestions on what to try next?

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