Does this exist - 'screwdriver gun' with cartridge to automatically load new screws?

by JDS   Last Updated May 16, 2018 03:21 AM

I'm looking to do some really repetitive assembly that involves screw-driving a ton of M2 screws over and over again into threaded holes to put two plastic pieces together.

Because it's a high volume job, I want to find the right tool. I thought it would be so awesome if there was a one handed electric screwdriver of some sort that would dispense the M2 screw as I hold the button, then once it's in the threaded hole/fully dispensed a new one pops out of the gun, and I can move onto the next hole, etc.

Found some related stuff for nails obviously, which is good for woodworking but not exactly my application:

Could anyone confirm if what I'm looking for exists, and point me to some example products? Also down to modify similar existing tools to suit my application if need be. Thanks!

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