Does my dropdown design fit with the rest of the design?

by Jasmine   Last Updated August 12, 2018 14:16 PM - source

Hi I need some professional visual design advice here. Pls see the following prototype and take note of the visual design of the dropdown elements + the filter button.

I have a weird feeling it doesn't really match the rest of the site's design aesthetic (which is flatter). How I got the idea for the dropdown was from Kickstarter, which made the filter dropdowns very prominent. On the other hand, I tried to use a Google Material Design dropdown in an earlier prototype version and it didn't work. It kind of confused users as to whether there was even a dropdown in the middle of the sentence.

How can I make the dropdown design distinct and yet flat at the same time? Any suggestions? Or am I just paranoid about the design?

Tags : visual-design

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