Does having the name of a country in the site HTML <title> based on geolocation hurt SEO?

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My website detects where the visitor is coming from. If the visit is from Guatemala, the title is:

<title>[Company name] | Discounts in Guatemala</title>

If the visit is from El Salvador, the title is:

<title>[Company name] | Discounts in El Salvador</title>

I am doing this for SEO purposes. However, I am concerned about it because I am not sure how Google crawlers are going to interpret this. Will Google store <title>[Company name] | Discounts in Guatemala</title> and ignore <title>[Company name] | Discounts in El Salvador</title>, or vice versa? Will be equivalent to having a dynamic <title> and confuse Google about what <title> to use?

My goal is to rank high in Guatemala for the query Discounts in Guatemala and also rank high in El Salvador for the query Discounts in El Salvador. But I am not sure if I am following the right approach by using a dynamic <title> based on location, or if I am only confusing Google and maybe I should use this instead:

`<title>[Company name] | Discounts in El Salvador and Guatemala</title>`


`<title>[Company name] | Discounts in Guatemala and El Salvador</title>`

Thank you.

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