Do SOIC op-amps packages behave differently from DIP?

by John Am   Last Updated January 11, 2019 12:25 PM - source

I have acquired some mcp-6002 op-amps in a SOIC package instead of the DIP I normally use. I have solder these to a SOIC to DIP "converter" so to fit on the breadboard. If I connect them as I do with the DIP (as simple buffers for testing) they don't seem to work, I tested 4 of these and all of them behave similarly, the upper part of the wave is non-existent and I get a small part from the bottom of the signal. Now I tried to put a voltage divider with half-the supply (because they are single supply) feeding the inverting input and the wave appears but the upper part of the signal is kind of low-pass filtered. So the question is, have I damaged these during soldering to the convertors or they behave differently?

enter image description here

correction: "applied"

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