Do any curtain shutters run in both directions, without reset between shots?

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I understand that a standard curtain-based focal-plan shutter runs either a slotted curtain, or two separate curtains (creating a variable-width "slot") across the sensor. Some models cross the sensor vertically, some horizontally.

IIRC, in film cameras with curtain shutters the curtain would always reset after each shot. It was wound around one post on one side of the focal plane, it would traverse to a post on the other side when the shutter was released, and then it would rewind to the first post, either immediately after exposure, or else as the mechanism was wound to advance the film.

I am wondering if any (or most, or even all) curtain shutter cameras, past or present, don't "reset" the curtain between shots, but rather let it run from whichever post it last wound back to the other post on the next shot?

I'm also wondering how long the "reset" takes on typical curtains: Does reset contribute to the maximum frame rate of cameras?

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