displaying taxonomy term as a header in a view

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I have a view that displays 3 latest articles from a certain taxonomy term. The issue im having is I need to display the taxonomy term as a Header. I dont see the [field_myterm] under Header > Global : Text area.. I also need this taxonomy term translated when I switch languages.

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You should probably try to create a Taxonomy term View and not a Content View. Then, you could add a relationship (Taxonomy term : content with term) to fetch your node fields (or rendered entities). Add a taxonomy term filter to select your certain taxonomy term. Add a sort criteria based on descending post date (relationship with content). Display only 3 items. Finally, the taxonomy term name will become your View title and I guess you're done.

October 06, 2016 07:55 AM

You can add the taxonomy term field in the list of fields that are shown for each node, and then use that field to group the results. It will give you a common header for the 3 nodes. It is not a view header, but with some CSS nobody will note it.

October 07, 2016 15:32 PM

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