Discrete values ( enum ) in dataset

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I have a data set where some columns have discrete values like $x_2=('cat','dog','penguin')$, $x_3=( 'high', 'low')$ etc... how do I handle these values before to run a regression?

Do I have to convert them into integers like $x_2=(0,1,2)$, $x_3=(0,1)$?

Do I have to add more columns $x_{cat}, x_{dog}, x_{penguin}, x_{high}, x_{low}$ and assign them a value 0 or 1 ?

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Most modern software does this for you. It does something similar to what you outline in your last sentence for some meaning of similar. I would recommend letting your software do the heavy lifting here and if it does not offer this facility then choose a different software. There are some hints in this Q&A Dummy variables for categories in logistic regression and odd ratio which is for logistic regression but applies to linear and Poisson as well.

Note that your option $x_2$ may work as long as you tell the software these are categories not numerical values. Internally the software will do something like you last suggestion ($x_{cat}$) and so on.

August 14, 2018 13:28 PM

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