disable codesign check / run codesign on multiple files

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so i have two questions, ill try to keep it short (also, im a noob):

1) i run logic pro x and other software to make music, and some third party plugins make the program crash if they get a:

Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (Code Signature Invalid)

i can solve this problem by codesign -f -s - (file) but id rather not to, is there a way to disable code signature check? so it wont even give me an error and wont check it?

i assume the answer is no so hence my second question:

2) i need to run sudo codesign -f -s - on a .bundle file thats inside a a Resource folder inside a .component (a package), and i have ALOT of these to go through, for example:
Plugin_2.component -> Resources -> Plugin_2.bundle
Plugin_3.component -> Resources -> Plugin_3.bundle

is there a way to make a command to do it automatically?

i was thinking maybe in automator? something to make it do these 2 steps:
1) look for a .bundle file inside a Resource folder in a package
2) run sudo codesign -f -s - on it

is that possible? maybe make it in automator and add it to Services in the right click menu? or to make it scan a whole folder with .component?
Any help would be appreciated!

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