Dimmable range on one circuit is different to another. Why?

by Andrew Humphries   Last Updated June 20, 2019 18:21 PM - source

We've recently had some dimmable spotlights installed in our dining room. We have a setup where we have 3 lights off one switch, and 6 on a second switch. The lights were not dimming very much, maybe to about 50%. We assumed it was usual for spots like this and we weren't too worried about the range. Lately we noticed that one bulb on the 3 light circuit was blinking intermittently(it's generally set to the lowest brightness setting) I thought that to see if it was the bulb or not I'd swap the bulb with another on the same circuit. Here's the funny thing. When I did this, the dimming range of the 3 lights has improved dramatically, going all the way from barely visible in the day time at it's lowest to full brightness at it's highest?! Why has this happenned?! I am now in the situation where one half of the room dims to about 50%(the 6 light circuit) and the other all the way to 1%(the 3 light circuit). I want to get the other circuit dimming in the same way, but not sure what to change! Very confused !! enter image description here

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