Deciding between the Canon SL3 and T7i

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The Canon SL3 was released this year and has a couple improvements over the T7i, but it also has some setbacks.

The biggest differences that I could find are the image processor, battery life and autofocus. The SL3 has a newer DIGIC 8 image processor versus a DIGIC 7 on the T7i. The battery life on the SL3 is superior to the T7i, 1070 shots versus 600 shots (under the same conditions). There is a catch though. The T7i has 45 cross-type autofocus points, whereas the SL3 has only 9 regular autofocus points (one of which is cross-type). The SL3 does however have dual pixel autofocus, but that only works in live view.

This is going to be my first camera. I would like to be able to shoot anything from portraits to kids running around (hence my worries about the autofocus) and sports every now and then. Live view may be a great way to start photography, but I feel like I will probably only be using the viewfinder later on, rendering the dual pixel autofocus unusable.

I don't mind the slight difference in frame rate, 5 on the SL3 and 6 on the T7i. I will also primarily be doing photography, but when I shoot video it will only be in 1080p because of the crop factor and lack of dual pixel autofocus in 4K.

Two specific things I would like to know:

  • How does the autofocus on the SL3 compare to the autofocus on the T7i (for both photo, with and without live view, and video)?
  • What difference does the newer image processor make (in lowlight)?

How do these two cameras compare? Is there a difference in general image quality? Are there any other differences that I missed? Which one would be the right choice for me?

Edit: I am going to shoot in RAW.

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