Custom Homepage As Single Page or Custom Post Type?

by staypuftman   Last Updated June 11, 2015 15:03 PM - source

Conceptual question for the WP community:

I need to implement a custom homepage for a new site. It has some custom stuff going on but nothing too crazy: 4 big images, a carousel, some calls to action and a list of post at the bottom.

I see two paths, neither of them particularly great:

  1. Do a custom HTML layout, add text/image/layouts asset via GUI in Page post-type, then add a custom template for just that node.
  2. Create a custom post type w/ ACF for the homepage and put a post-type template.

Path 1 seems hacky and hard to update for a non-dev, path 2 seems easy to update but overkill since the site only requires one homepage. What is best practice? Maybe you have a different approach altogether?

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