CRUD-in-one design

by exk0730   Last Updated January 17, 2018 04:16 AM

So I have a requirement to design a "Create, Update, Delete" interface all-in-one (without a table). Here's the basic functionality, or flow, as I understand it:

You enter an ID into an input box and push "search" or "go" or whatever... if the ID doesn't exist, you take the user to a "wizard" that allows them to add that ID to the "database." If the ID does exist, a pop-up will open saying "Do you want to delete or edit this record?"... delete will delete the record and edit will take the user to the same "wizard" for adding a record, just that all input fields in the wizard will be pre-populated.

Speaking from a generic-user point-of-view, I know that this whole "Create/Update/Delete" is confusing. That's why I'm wondering if there's any way possible to keep the same flow (one place to do all CUD operations), but still maintain GOOD user experience. If anyone has done something like this, I'd love to know how you actually designed it!


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