Crontab error Ubuntu 1604

by Sebastian de la Cruz   Last Updated May 16, 2018 14:02 PM

i have an issue when i try to modify or see my crontab commands, its only for this commands, the wear thing its the proccess are running OK

when i execute

[email protected]:~# crontab -l


[email protected]:~# crontab -e

I get the follow

/usr/local/bin/crontab: line 11: 17: command not found

/usr/local/bin/crontab: line 12: 25: command not found

/usr/local/bin/crontab: line 13: 47: command not found

/usr/local/bin/crontab: line 14: 52: command not found

Yesterdar that was working ok. Thanks in advance

Tags : 16.04 cron

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