Creating new constructors to overwrite the existing instance variables for testing purpose

by isqo   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:05 PM - source

Is it good/bad practice to add more constructors just for test purposes (to mock the DOCs used in my SUT) like this :

public class A {
    private B b = new B();
    private C c = new C();

    public A(){

     * used for test puproses
     * @param a
     * @param b
    A(A a, B b) {
        // overwrite the existing variables
        this.a = a;
        this.b = b;

class B {

class C {

Note that i force the new constructor visibility to be package private not to pollute the SUT's api and also choose to instantiate the DOCs inside the SUT for client usage convenience.

SUT: System under test (A)

DOC: depended-on component (B and C)

What do you think ? Thanks in advance.

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