cpu comapre - cores vs GHz

by arpa   Last Updated May 16, 2018 14:00 PM - source

SERVER1: Intel® Xeon® D-1531= 1CPU 6x/12T 2.2GHz

SERVER2: Intel® Xeon® E3 1240 V6= 1CPU - 4C/8T - 3.7Ghz

SERVER3: Intel® Xeon® E3 122 =1CPU - 4C/4T 3.1 Ghz

so 6core*2.2Ghz =13.2Ghz / 4core*3.7Ghz =14.8Ghz / 4core*3.1Ghz =12.4Ghz

so which one is better ? does threats help for something?

p.s im using servers for enconding videos with ffmpeg so which server is better for me

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