Converting 3DS max camera parameters to blender

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My current workflow on a couple of projects is

  1. Creating a camera in 3DsMax using "Camera match" matching an existing 3D scanned model onto a photograph.
  2. Creating an identical camera in Blender using the same parameters as the 3DSMAX camera.
  3. Corporate 3D models into the 3D scanned model using Blender.

My problem is that for step 2, I need to do adjust some parameters (LENS and FOV values) manually using my eyes, since I don't know how to translate them into Blenders camera. Using the same Lens and Fov values that's in the 3DsMAX camera will yield a camera in Blender that's not matched to the model at all. I would like to find a solution where the camera can be converted to Blender just using numbers. Does anyone know if there are some other parameters other than "Rotation", "position", "FOV" and "Lens" that needs to be involved for this task. Thank you for any answer and have a great day!

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