ConTeXt: Automatically insert a command under certain conditions

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This is a follow-up to That answer works great (manually as well as automated), but the author noted in terms of automatization "don't use it".

So, consider the example from there:


  One line before
    \item Test
    \item direct itemize

To motivate this: I want to automatically eliminate all whitespace at the beginning of the enumeration.

As this depends on what follows the \startexample in this case (e.g. \startitemize, \startformula create white space, normal text does not), I am interested in setting some constraints. In LuaLaTeX I would register a callback and preprocess the input buffer, but this is disabled in ConTeXt.

Question: Is there an automatic way to insert some code dependent on conditions (which can be determinded by pattern-matching input) after a specific command?

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