Connecting LED strips, Which plugs?

by Arjan Oskam   Last Updated January 12, 2018 20:21 PM

I want to make a LEDstrip(RGB, 300 LED, 3528, 5 meter) At the back of my 40 inch television. But I have some struggles finding out what I need for that.

I have found this strip: LED Strip

And I Found these connectors:

I can't seem to find any: 3825/8mm RGB plugs or anything like that.... But is it Universal? Some Ebay sellers say that it is for both, but I've also seen posts which say it doesn't match.

I hope someone can tell me if I can use the: 5050/10mm RGB connectors also for the 3528/8mm strip!

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Answers 1

No, you can't mix and match 3528 strips/connectors with 5050 strips/connectors.

Even within 5050, RGB vs RGBW use different connectors, and there are even W-only strips in the 5050 form factor, which use a different connector still.

Put more of an effort into shopping, and you should be able to find the right items more easily. EBay/AliExpress are not necessarily the best places to shop.

January 12, 2018 19:26 PM

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